Company Profile

KASE is a global integrated logistics service provider offering a comprehensive range of customized, end-to-end supply chain solutions.

KASE was first founded in Hong Kong in 1987 to provide strategic freight and transportation services with a staff strength of less than 10. Over the years, KASE has transformed itself into an international provider of integrated logistics solutions. Today, we have an established global infrastructure and facilities in more than 50 strategically located cities and over 400 staff providing a wide range of logistics services to our customers worldwide.

KASE is also one of the first logistics companies in China to obtain the license authorized and issued by the China Foreign Trade Bureau in Beijing to carry out freight forwarding and logistics activities in China.

Together, with our network and strategic partnerships, KASE provides comprehensive logistics services ranging from freight management, warehouse management to regional distribution services.

At KASE, we pride our achievement on our innovative technology, qualified and well-trained staff as well as quality processes. We continuously re-invent ourselves to ensure we provide cutting edge logistics solutions to our customers worldwide.

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